A non-narcotic detox, unlike a medical drug detox, does more than address the withdrawal symptoms that occur when a person stops taking their drug of choice. It actively assists individuals in getting rid of the toxic build-up in a person’s system over time. Non-narcotic detox is one option available when a person is physically addicted to drugs like heroin, prescription painkillers, anti-anxiety medications, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth, and many other drugs. Without the use of replacement medications, individuals can stop using their drug of choice and detox without putting any more harsh chemicals into their bodies. This process allows someone to detox from drugs or alcohol without the added stress to their bodies that comes with synthetic medications. Rather than putting more toxins into the body, non-narcotic detox can remove all of the toxic build-up in a person’s system.

Non-Narcotic Detox Services Offered To:
Medical Detox Referral
Males & Females
Pregnant Females
Seniors over 50
Adolescents (on a case-by-case basis)

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