At The Way to Recovery independent living homes, residents safely experience the transition from higher levels of care back into the community and day-to-day life with a group of individuals doing the same. Each home is supervised by a house manager, who ensures that the living environments offer structure and strong peer support. Clients work, attend treatment, or attend school during the day and engage in recovery activities in the evenings.  Residents must stay active in recovery activities, attend any required meetings each week, attend any and all in-house meetings, and comply to all requirements for our their specified program (i.e. IOP, Probation/Parole, etc).  Clients agree to random urinalysis as part of participation. We are, also, able to accommodate testing for court referrals, employers, probation, and other agencies as needed.


Independent Living Services and Components:

  • Enrollment in Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Extensive drug and alcohol education
  • Christian 12 Step recovery principles and self-help groups
  • Relapse prevention counseling
  • Long-term Aftercare and Recovery planning
  • Referral to a vast network of community resourcesilh1