For years, the negative stigma of addiction has deterred addicts and family members from seeking help. Because addiction is a FAMILY sickness, family participation in recovery is essential. The Way to Recovery Center’s Family Program sets the standard in treating the entire family. The Way to Recovery Center offers education, support and biblically-based counseling to families struggling with a loved one’s addiction. We teach families that addiction is not something that they caused and that they can’t control the addict’s using and actions. We also help families understand how the disease of addiction has impacted their own behavior. Our goal through education and support is to help families learn what they can do to help themselves and to relate to their addicted loved one in a healthy way. Through The Way to Recovery Center families begin their own journey toward recovery and encourage their loved one to do the same.

Family Program Services and Components:

Family support groups
Understand the theories of addiction and addictive thinking
Understand the difference between substance abuse and dependence
Learn the symptoms of addiction and how they impact family members
Identify behaviors used by family members during his or her addiction
Establish healthy personal while maintaining a loving relationship with their loved one
Develop supportive relationships and support systems for families of addictsfam