For those who require slightly less structure than a “live in” program, Day Treatment may be the appropriate level of care. Clients attend classes/ groups during the day at our treatment facilities. Day Treatment clients follow a similar schedule as residential clients, however, they are free to return home at the end of the day. This treatment modality provides structure and support while helping the client begin integrating back into his or her daily life. In addition, we can also provide day treatment at one of our facilities combined with independent living homes. In this case, the client would attend treatment groups during the day and go home to one of our independent living environments. At our independent living homes, residents safely experience the transition from higher levels of care back into the community and day-to-day life with a group of individuals doing the same. Homes are supervised by a house manager and assistant who ensure that the homes offer structure and strong peer support. The Way to Recovery Centers Day Treatment Programs demonstrates significant and measurable reductions in client substance abuse along with a corresponding increase in the quality of life. A highly skilled team consisting of both professional substance abuse specialist and staff facilitate our day treatment programs.

Day Treatment services include:day1
Assessment & Evaluation
Weekly drug testing
One-on-one and group sessions
Individualized treatment planning
Case management of multiple issues
Topic groups for skills development
Alcohol and other drug education
Family Programs / Education
Emphasis on peer support and self-help skills
Christian 12 Step recovery principles
Legal system advocacy when needed