Greg & DJ Troutt

Greg and DJ Troutt are the original founders of 2nd Chance Outreach and The Way to Recovery Centers. Both Greg and DJ have firsthand experience in overcoming addictions and addictive behavior in their own lives. Greg and DJ have since then consulted and developed multiple programs, facilities, ministries and small groups all around the world.

These programs and ministries include inner city missions, street ministries, feeding and housing the homeless, transitional housing, inmate re-entry programs, substance abuse programs for all genders and ages, addiction residential and outpatient programs, drug testing and accountability programs, halfway housing, family programs, radio-media ministries, overseas missions and much more.

We believe Christ has elevated our lives to organize and facilitate multiple ministries and serve in multiple ministry roles. We thank the lord for our marriage and call to the ministries he has entrusted to us. We are forever humbled by his grace and mercy in allowing us to serve in this capacity. To Christ be the Glory!